Zeinter is a young company full of ideas which was born in 2006. We are dedicated to business consulting and exterior commerce with China, where we also have a broad network of collaborators. In addition, we count with commercial sellers in Spain and customer service in English.


In Zeinter, we speak using a clear language. We don't lie. We don't say that we are market leaders because we are not, and we might not even say it that if we ever become market leaders.

We do not want to impress you with texts full of marketing, or using that technical vocabulary often utilized in Web sites and business catalogues. This practice may be impressive, but texts are usually difficult to understand this way.

For that reason, we speak to you with the closeness of a friendly professional team. We sell neither ideas nor false prospects. We are a practical company, and we offer our clients practical solutions.

We would like to collaborate in the growth of your business so that you can carry out all those dreamed projects.


Up on top of our goals we have: savings and investments for our clients, not forgetting quality.

You will save by purchasing in China, which will allow you to strength your business so that you can finally obtain the life that you wish.

You will invest in your business by letting us help your company to get into the broad Chinese market or searching for new Chinese clients interested in your product or service.


Our clients are spread all over the world. We communicate with them through the most spoken three languages on the hearth: Chinese, Spanish, and English. Businesses with Chinese companies are made in China through our native staff.

Therefore, we do not hire the services of intermediate companies to do our own businesses in China; neither do we do that in Spanish-speaking or English-speaking countries. We personally take care of our own business.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to speak to you.


ZEinter Business Consulting · Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
International Contact: (+34) 636 475 917 ·
Chinese Contact:  (+86) 139 581 45968 ·